The Happy HotWife

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My first BBC , was hubby’s bday present….. But I got the real gift! ;)

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Another trip to our local Glory hole spot, luv to swallow big loads from Hugh cocks!

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A good girl that likes to be bad….

A little background ….well, I married my high school sweetheart almost 20 years ago and we quickly started a family.  We own a business that is very demanding and I am also a full-time student studying medicine.  Between all of our family, education, and business responsibilities, it can be difficult to keep the love/lust connection buzzing.  We found we had to MAKE time for us as a couple.

We are truly best friends and enjoy spending time together.  We are very open with one another and can talk about anything.  It is important to feed a relationship with dreams, goals, excitement and time away from the day to day responsibilities.  Because of our hectic schedules we would do this by fitting in weekend escapes a few times a year and in between trips, squeezing in spur-of-the-moment date nights.  Fortunately we’ve always had a spontaneous relationship and great sex life which I believe comes from knowing each other and communicating together so well.  We also are exploratory and enjoy trying new things which has resulted in an extensive toy collection!

I don’t know if it is because I have to be such a good girl most of the time or if it’s just because my inner goddess is a freak, but my favorite part of our weekend getaways or impromptu date nights is that we cut loose and do something totally spontaneous.  From visiting strip clubs and adult book stores to sex in random locations like in the car while my husband is driving, in viewing rooms of adult toys stores, or even on the beach.  Each little escapade provides memories and fun, flirty, secret jokes between us that gets us through to the next experience.

In all honesty, we have discussed the possibility of bringing in another woman.  I’m definitely not totally opposed to the idea.  I think women are beautiful and have enjoyed a impulsive make out session from time to time.  However, I guess my inner HotWife has never really liked the thought of sharing MY husband with another woman.  Double standard?? ….  Well, in all honesty I never would have thought my husband would want to be sharing me either.

Now, I don’t want to lead on that I think we have the perfect marriage.   We argue and fight and have problems like any other couple….there are many times I’m a bitch and many times he’s a dick lol  Ultimately,  I know I am not perfect and I know my husband is not perfect…. I think we are just perfect for each other.  I think we get each other…..and I think that is why we have managed to keep a strong relationship for so long.

So where did cuckolding come in?  On the way back from a trip to the Keys we were talking about fantasies and such and my husband told me how he had always liked when other guys hit on me when we were out.  He said he liked knowing that other men desired me but also knowing no matter what, I was going home with him.  He continued that he thought it would be hot if the next time we went out if I went in by myself and that he would come in a little later and sit away from me at the bar so he could see how many men would hit on me.   We were driving from Key West up to the Miami airport and stopped for lunch at a restaurant on the ocean.  I’m not really sure if it was the drinks, but the conversation over lunch somehow turned into me picking one of the men and inviting them to join us.  Even more surprising, I agreed!   I’m not sure if it was his excitement or my own that led to me agreeing but you have to understand that my husband is a very good salesman.  He is an animated person and when he plans something, he describes every detail.  We continued the conversation and by the time we finished the last leg of the drive to the airport, he had every detail mapped out.  I could hardly believe it, but this was going to happen!

To be continued……..

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